Following the incredible turnout at our mass trespass of Pangdean Bottom, Landscapes of Freedom is organised a city-wide action to encourage residents of Brighton and Hove to demand their councillors support public access to land. We need YOU to join this action!

It just takes 3 easy steps:

1. Find your councillor(s) and their contact details here

2. Copy and paste the below letter into an email and add your councillor’s name at the top and yours at the bottom
, (feel free to personalise the text.)

3. Send off the letter! Let us know their response and any progress via landscapesoffreedom@gmail.com

Support for public access to land should be a priority of all Brighton and Hove councillors.

Photo by: Nicked Films.


Less than 5% of our beloved South Downs National Park is currently publicly accessible, despite being criss-crossed by footpaths – compared with 60% of the Peak District National Park. We have a Right to Roam over just 8% of all land in England while the other 92% remains off-limits. We deserve a national Right to Roam, just like in Scotland.

The benefits of access to nature have been well documented. It is essential for our physical, mental and spiritual health – as the Covid-19 pandemic has just shown. Environmentally sound management is crucial to mitigate and adapt to climate change and conserve wildlife. Yet, much of the council-owned land is not being managed in sustainable ways, and access is prohibited to the public. The recent mass trespass of Pangdean Bottom, attended by over 300 people, illustrates the breadth of support for greater access to land among the people of Brighton and Hove.

As my representative, I therefore ask you to support demands to

1. Dedicate ALL areas of open land within Brighton and Hove City Council’s management control as statutory access land – whether they be grassland, arable, scrub, or wood.

2. When re-letting any areas of land to tenants ensure cross-compliance with basic environmental needs. That is:

– only re-let land to persons who do not conduct game bird shooting on any land holdings under their control

– only re-let land to persons who conserve wildlife-rich ecosystems on any landholdings under their control in optimal condition

Thank you,

With best regards


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