Mass Trespass July 2021 Brighton Downs

On 24th July 2021, we held a mass trespass in Pangdean Bottom, on the Brighton Downs. Together we roamed across a landscape owned by Brighton Council yet forbidden to us by pheasant shooting landowners. We were guided by poetry, music and speeches and came together for a wonderful picnic, where we celebrated our downland andContinue reading “Mass Trespass July 2021 Brighton Downs”

Webinar June 2021 – The Right to Roam in Sussex!

Landscapes of Freedom hosted a well-attended webinar on the Right to Roam in Sussex and the importance of access to land across England, where over 90% of all land is in private hands and off-limits to the general public. The land which once belonged to us all has been carved up by the rich andContinue reading “Webinar June 2021 – The Right to Roam in Sussex!”